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Pest Control at Warehouses and Distribution Centers

A male warehouse supervisor with a clipboard and lumber behind him

Pro Zone Pest Control provides pest control at warehouses, distribution centers, materials handling facilities, fulfillment centers, railroad yards, air cargo facilities, and other businesses involved in the storage, moving, or distribution of products.

Materials handling and warehousing facilities have unique and sometimes urgent pest control needs. It would be nice if every shipment that arrived was in good condition and was pest-free, but that's not always the case. Neither are pest problems in stored products or dunnage always obvious. Sometimes the items are already sorted and stacked before the pests are noticed, especially in the case of food pests like moths and weevils. Then the race is on to find them before they infest other products.

Further complicating effective pest management efforts are the special pest control requirements that some product manufacturers impose on warehouses storing their products. Many manufacturers specify certain pest control and pest-monitoring practices, others ban some pesticides, and still others have special slottage requirements. Most of the time the requirements are reasonable once you decipher them, but deciphering them isn't always easy.

And then there are the inspectors. Even if a warehouse is in tip-top shape pest-wise and sanitation-wise, inspectors want to see paperwork. They want documentation -- and sometimes documenting that a warehouse is in good shape can be almost as difficult as keeping it that way.


Specialized Pest Management Solutions for the Materials Handling Industry

At Pro Zone Pest Control, we understand the pest management difficulties facing the materials handling industry. We can help you implement industry-recognized best practices for pest management throughout the supply chain, and can develop a specialize IPM program to help you maintain and document a pest-free facility.

At the core of our approach is inspection. Most pest problems can be prevented by proper sanitation, building maintenance, proper slottage, and segregation of known-infested stock. We also use a wide variety of pest-monitoring products ranging from simple glue boards to species-specific pheromone traps to catch small pest problems before they become big ones. It also helps you document problems with incoming shipments that arrived infested so that your warehouse doesn't get the blame.

We also help you sort out the paperwork to make it easier to document compliance to manufacturers, shippers, vendors, inspectors, and others who need such documentation. We're familiar with HACCP, AIB, MHI, and other regulatory and industry standards for pest management throughout the supply chain.

Finally, we address known pest problems using both chemical and non-chemical methods that are effective and that meet all regulatory and industry best standards.


Please contact us for more information about how we can help you maintain a pest-free environment in your warehouse or distribution center. Our service area includes Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and the entire Miami Valley. We look forward to your call.