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Supermarket and Grocery Store Pest Control

A fruit display in the produce section of a supermarket with apples and pears in open bins

Supermarkets and grocery stores present unique challenges for pest control operators. Supermarkets contain practically everything that people need to live, and because pests can make do with a lot less than people need, grocery stores are are like pest heaven. Everything they need -- food, warmth, water, and harborage -- are right there for the taking.

In addition, supermarkets, grocery stores, and food co-ops have to deal with "inherited" pests that hitch-hike on incoming product deliveries. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are especially likely to bring pests into the store, and once they get in, they can spread to uninfested product. Co-ops and food pantries that receive a lot of donated food are especially vulnerable, but any grocery store is at risk.

And then there are the customers. They certainly don't want to see pests. The quickest way to scare away your customers is for word to get out that your grocery store has a problem with rats, mice, cockroaches, or other vermin. But your customers don't want to see "the exterminator" either. Most consumers don't think of pest control in preventative terms. They assume that if they see a pest control technician in the store (or even a pest control vehicle parked outside), then the store must "have a problem" with pests.

Many customers also are turned off by "chemicals" used to control pests. This is especially true of consumers who shop in grocery stores emphasizing "organic" or "all-natural" products, but many shopper in more conventional grocery stores are also turned off by "pesticides."

So what do you do? You're running a business selling products that inherently attract pests, and your customers (not to mention the health inspectors) demand a pest-free environment; but they seem to want you do do it magically, with no pest control technicians walking through the store and no pesticides being used.

Sometimes it seems like you just can't win.


Don't worry. We can help.

The owners of Pro Zone Pest Control have been helping supermarkets and grocery stores stay pest-free for more than three decades. We understand both the sensitive nature of retail food sales and the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment despite the challenges. We can help you set up an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that is tough on pest, easy on people, minimizes pesticide use, and conforms with all regulatory and good-practice requirements for food-related businesses.

Our comprehensive IPM plans help store owners identify and control pests that commonly become problems in grocery stores, such as:

Obviously, not all of these pests can be directly controlled. We can't treat weevils that are infesting boxes of pasta or bags of rice, for example. But we can monitor for and help you more rapidly identify stored-product pests to help prevent those infestations from spreading, prevent the items from being sold and damaging your reputation, and make it easier for you to obtain credits from manufacturers and suppliers.

Finally, we can also provide control of other common structural pests such as termites and stinging insects that are not especially associated with food businesses, if you should happen to have a problem with them, as well as assist with paperwork required by health inspectors and regulators.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you maintain a pest-free supermarket, grocery store, co-op, or food pantry. Our service area includes Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and all of Ohio's Miami Valley. We look forward to hearing from you.