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Pest Control for Rent-To-Own and Used Furniture Stores

A furniture display with living room furniture at a rent-to-own store

Pest control in rent-to-own stores, used furniture stores, charity thrift shops, and other stores that sell used products is a specialized and challenging pest control subspecialty. Too many companies treat these stores as they do other retail outlets, without considering the unique nature of used merchandise businesses and the resulting pest management implications.

It's no secret that furniture, electronics, appliances, and other items returned to rent-to-own stores often come back in less-than-wonderful condition. Wear and tear is one thing, but when those items are returned infested with cockroaches, bed bugs, or other pests, the problem becomes much more serious. Not only are the items unable to be rented out again or sold, but the infestations can quickly spread to other items or even to the store itself.

The same is true of items donated to thrift stores. Either knowingly or otherwise, many people donate used furniture or other items that are infested with bed bugs, cockroaches, or other insects to charitable stores. Aside from being unsuitable for sale, the infestations in these items may spread to other products in the store.


How We Can Help

Pro Zone Pest Control's unique pest control services in rent-to-own and other used-goods stores actually started on the residential side of our business. We're Dayton's biggest bed bug control company, and over the years we've developed a certain expertise in dealing with infested furniture, electronics, and appliances. It didn't take long before we realized that these same resources could help rent-to-own stores deal with the unique pest challenges facing their business.

In addition to the standard pest management that we would provide to any retail store, we provide several unique services of interest to rent-to-own and used goods stores. The first is a pick-up, treat, and deliver service for goods that you plan to rent out again or re-sell. We have our own trucks and treatment facility, so we can pick up products that are returned to your store, treat them for bed bugs or other pests, and deliver them back to you ready for resale.

We also can provide on-site treatment of furniture, electronics, and other appliances, if you prefer. Some of our trucks are able to be used as treatment chambers, so we can load the items into the truck and treat them right there. Usually, however, this option only makes sense if you have a lot of items to be treated. If you only have a few, it's usually more economical for us to pick them up and deliver them back to you after they've been treated.

With prior arrangement, we can also pick up items directly from renters who are returning them and take them away in our truck rather than yours, or your crew can deliver them to us to be treated. This option is handy when you already know that the items are likely to be infested and you don't even want them near your store until they've been treated. We can also dispose of items that you've decided you don't want to rent out or re-sell.

Finally, we can also treat your trucks if they become infested. That does happen from time to time.

For more information about we can help your business keep hitchhiking pests from taking over your store, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Our service area includes Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and all of the Miami Valley.