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Pest Control in Freestanding Medical and Dental Offices

A medical professional wearing a mask and hair net.

Pest control in freestanding medical and dental offices and other allied-health facilities requires specialized knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to the needs of patients and staff. Obviously, patients don't want to encounter pests while they're getting their blood drawn, their teeth fixed, or their moles removed. But neither do they want an "exterminator" spraying smelly chemicals around.

Pro Zone Pest Control has a long history of treating sensitive accounts like medical offices, laboratories, and specimen collection centers. We also adhere to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method of pest control, which emphasizes non-chemical control measures such as inspection, monitoring, and trapping over the use of pesticides whenever possible. We also understand that the unique nature of freestanding health care facilities may require special scheduling and other considerations to minimize the effect of our work upon your work.

Our Medical and Dental Office IPM Program was designed specifically around the needs of medical and dental offices, urgent care facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, MRI and radiology centers, pharmacies, and medical laboratory offices and specimen collection centers throughout the greater Dayton area. We are familiar with sterile field and sample contamination prevention procedures, as well as the precautions necessary for working around biohazard disposal and radiological or magnetic hazard areas.

Covered Pests

Our IPM plans for freestanding health-related facilities usually include coverage against the following pests:

Other pests that can be dealt with in the course of a regular treatment are also covered as a courtesy. Certain pests like termites, wood-destroying beetles, and others that require extensive, specialized control methods are not covered, but will be quoted at deeply-discounted prices if a need arises for their treatment.

HIPAA and Confidentiality Considerations

Although it's rare for our technicians to encounter any patient-specific information, we do understand that whatever information they observe or come across in the course of their work is strictly confidential and is not to be repeated to or discussed with anyone, for any reason. We are happy to sign whatever HIPAA-related documents that you require of contractors and will always honor all medical privacy and confidentiality requirements.


Please contact us for more information about our IPM plans for freestanding health-related facilities in Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and all of Ohio's Miami Valley.