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Pest Control for Malls and Shopping Centers

The interior of a mall looking upwards at the balconies

Pest control in malls, shopping centers, and large retail or "big box" stores is challenging because of the sheer size of the buildings, the wide variety of stores and kinds of items that are sold, the long hours of operation, and the need to perform pest management services in a discreet and inconspicuous manner that doesn't detract from the relaxed, welcoming, consumer-friendly environment.

Pest management professionals who service malls and shopping centers need broad knowledge of different types of pest control, but they also need a flexible attitude toward their work that allows them to quickly respond to unexpected situations. Most of all, they need to take pride in the mall -- to consider it their own, as it were -- and to take personal satisfaction that their work, though unseen, is contributing to the comfort of the mall's guests and the success of its retailers.

The reason for this is that pest control technicians servicing large shopping centers work almost entirely without supervision most of the time. They wander through the buildings looking for problems that no one else knows about, and in fact it's their job to solve those problems before anyone else else ever knows about them. A mall is not the kind of account that can be reduced to a simple service schedule. It's a sprawling complex, and to be effective, the pest control professional has to get to know every nook and cranny of it.

That's why Pro Zone Pest Control assigns only our finest, most reliable and knowledgeable technicians to malls and shopping centers, and then gives them everything they need to service them -- including the authority to make decisions on-the-spot to address the myriad variety of pest problems that can occur at a large retail shopping complex.


Common Pests of Malls and Shopping Centers

Because of their vastness and the variety of stores and products that are sold, malls and shopping centers are susceptible to literally any sort of pest problems. But the most commonly-encountered ones are:

There are others, of course, but the ones above are the most common pests at malls and shopping centers in the Dayton area and throughout the Miami Valley.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you maintain a pest-free, shopper-friendly environment at your mall or shopping center. We service shopping centers in Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and throughout Ohio's Miami Valley.