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Pest Control in Hotels and Motels

The interior of a hotel room

Pest control has always been an ongoing challenge for hotel and motel operators. Guests expect and are entitled to a clean, pest-free environment, and with the rising popularity of on-line hotel and motel reviews, you can rest assured that they'll tell the whole world if you fail to provide one. They may not tell you so you can address the problem, but they'll sure make sure to tweet it to the entire world before they're even out the door.

In our experience, hoteliers are among the business owners who most sincerely want to provide clean, pleasant surroundings to their guests. It's not just about business. It's about pride. But the very nature of the hospitality business makes it a challenge to provide a pest-free environment. Hotels and motels face the same pest problems as any other buildings, as well as a few of their own.

At Pro Zone Pest Control, we understand the special pest control challenges of hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, and other hospitality establishments. We specialize in building specialized pest management plans for business throughout Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and Ohio's Miami Valley.


Common Pests of Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are susceptible to all the pests that can infest any other building, but the most common ones are cockroaches, rats and mice, fleas, and bed bugs.


Cockroaches are common pests of hotels and motels. In hotels with restaurants and bars, German cockroaches commonly are found in the kitchens, in the bar area, and in the dining area, as well as in guest rooms (usually in the bathroom area or, if the room is so equipped, in the kitchenette or mini-bar). Brown-banded cockroaches are also sometimes found in guest rooms, usually in the dressers and other furnishings.

Rats and Mice

Norway rats are frequently found outside hotels and motels, usually around the dumpster areas. In a properly-sealed building, they typically do not get inside. Their populations may grow quite large however, without ongoing control. House mice are more likely to become pests inside a hotel or motel, especially in basements or equipment rooms. Proper sealing around pipe chases and other openings can usually prevent them from getting into guest rooms and other areas open to the public.


Fleas are usually found only in guest rooms where animals, especially dogs and cats, are allowed. Once in a while a neglected flea infestation may spread to other areas in linens or by way of a pet "visiting" another room, but it's not very common. Flea problems are usually treated on an as-needed basis because there's not very much that can be done to prevent them.


Bed Bugs in Hotels and Motels

Close up of a bed bug on someone's hand

Although a recent arrival on the scene, bed bugs have very quickly taken the top spot on every hotelier's list of pest nightmares. They're particularly frustrating because there's really not that much that you can to to prevent them. Guests carry them in on their clothing and belongings.

There are some non-chemical things that you can do to prevent the occasional stray bed bug from becoming an infestation, however. Quickly removing the sheets from guest beds once they have checked out is a good idea, as is frequent vacuuming and shampooing of carpets. Many hotels also use separate carts for removing dirty sheets and delivering clean ones.

Some hotels routinely treat guest rooms with residual insecticides on a rotating basis to help discourage bed bugs from becoming established. This is of questionable value, however, because bed bugs do not readily ingest residual insecticides. Some guests may also have issues with the use of insecticides in the rooms they rent.

We recommend that guest rooms be thoroughly vacuumed using a strong vacuum cleaner (paying special attention to the mattresses and the crevices in upholstery) as often as possible, and that carpets and upholstered furniture be shampooed on a regular basis. Housekeeping staff should also be trained to recognize signs of bed bug infestation (such as fecal stains) and to report suspected problems to management immediately. Guest complaints of bed bug bites should also be taken seriously and should trigger an immediate call to your pest management professional.

At Pro Zone Pest Control, we specialize in non-chemical bed bug control using heat. We are able to treat individual pieces of furniture, or entire rooms and their furnishings, using a variety of heat and steam solutions that leave no residue or odor and allow for quick availability of the room. We're also able to treat furnishings off-site and return them to you, or to take away and dispose of furniture that you have decided to discard. We can also provide conventional bed bug control using insecticides in those relatively few cases where that's the more appropriate solution.


Pro Zone Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control services for the hospitality industry that include services for all of the above pests and many others. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you maintain a pest-free hotel, motel, or bead and breakfast.