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Pest Control in Factories and Industrial Facilities

A female factory worker wearing a hardhat standing in a factory

Pro Zone Pest Control provides specialized pest control plans for industrial plants of all kinds in Dayton, Springfield, Northern Cincinnati, and Ohio's Miami Valley. We service factories, power plants and substations, wood and metal working businesses, food manufacturing plants, industrial parks, railroad facilities, and retail light industrial businesses such as auto and truck repair shops.

The pest control needs of industrial buildings are as diverse as the kind of work that they do. Some businesses are unavoidably gritty and dirty, while others require near-sterile conditions. Some businesses deal directly with the public, while others are tucked away in industrial parks that most Dayton residents barely even know exist. The differences are almost endless. Every business is unique and has its own unique pest control needs.

Rats and mice, especially those coming in from outside the building, are common pests of most factories and industrial plants. Woodworking facilities are rightly concerned about termites. At food-processing plants, moths, flies, beetles, and weevils may be the worst culprits. And of course, cockroaches can strike anywhere, in any sort of building. There's literally no limit to the variety of pest problems that industrial buildings face.


Customized Industrial Pest Control Solutions

One thing that's the same for all of our industrial clients, however, is that the integrated pest management (IPM) services that we provide were custom-tailored to their specific needs. We don't try to bend your business to fit our mold. We look at your needs and design a plan around your business, your product, and your schedule.

For example, in food-processing or pharmaceutical plants, we consider the regulatory environments within those businesses operate so we can help them document their compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. We are familiar with FDA, USDA, HACCP, AIB, and other relevant regulatory and industry standards, as well as their documentation requirements, and we consider assisting with proving compliance to be part of our job.

We also have accounts that usually have no interior pest problems at all, but that have problems with rats or mice outside their buildings. This actually is quite a common situation in industrial parks. We have absolutely no problem designing a custom plan that's limited to exterior rodent control except when the customer makes a special request for interior service.


In short, Pro Zone Pest Control takes the time to understand your business's pest control needs, and then designs a pest management plan around those needs. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation inspection and consultation.